commercial fairy lights


Our premium outdoor waterproof commercial fairy light system. Designed for the harsh conditions in Australia and built to last with UV resistant rubber & run using safe low voltage Meanwell transformers.

This fairy light is the gold standard for residential and commercial fairy light installations in trees and architectural structures.

Outdoor Waterproof Festoon Lights


Our Low Voltage Commercial Fairy Lights all come with an IP67 rating meaning they can withstand all weather conditions


Our Commercial Fairy Lights come with built in waterproof connectors meaning you can easily join numerous sets together to form long chains from the one transformer.

Commercial Fairy Light Connector Close Up
Fairy Light Accessories

fairy light accessories – branch out in multiple directions

We have numerous accessories which help you adapt to any installation quickly and easily. Run the lights in multiple branches and directions from the one power source.


All our Low Voltage Fairy Lights come supplied with high end Meanwell transformers.. They are IP67 rated for full outdoor use and all this is included in the listed price for our 10M connectable fairy lights!

Meanwell Transformer for Low Voltage Festoons
Rubber Commerical Fairy Light Cable


Our commercial fairy lights use thick rubber cabling for a durable fairy light that will stand up to the harshest environments without issue. Coupled with high powered unbreakable LED globes they are the gold standard of fairy lighting!